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Patsy Glenn Refuge

Where in Wimberley can you see ways to improve your bird and wildlife habitat? Where can you watch birds and see a well-designed Chimney swift tower and bluebird nest boxes in the center of town? Where can you see a native wildflower garden, native grasses, and a simple, easy-to-build rainwater collection system? Where can you learn about the best ways to clear your land, use your cedar, and protect the Hill Country watershed?

You can see all of this, a bird viewing platform, and more at the Patsy Glenn Refuge, located on community land of the Wimberley Senior Citizens Activities, Inc., near the historic Winters-Wimberley House and adjacent to the new Wimberley Community Center. The Patsy Glenn Refuge is developed and supported by the Wimberley Birding Society.

Refuge Workdays
In addition to ongoing maintenance and bird feeding activites, the Wimberley Birding Society holds Spring and Fall workdays each year. "I never ceased to be amazed at the work that a bunch of dedicated volunteers can accomplish. We built chipped cedar trails, edged with rocks, contoured slopes with cedar boughs, eliminated fire ants, carved logs into benches, set sitting stumps, eliminated litter and trash, reinforced filter strip dams, and HAD A GOOD TIME IN GENERAL! The creativity that people show in their work such as forming bench nooks is wonderful." - Patsy Glenn

Donations from the club have supported such endeavors as the Adopt-a-prairie-chicken program of the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, the Gulf Coast Bird Observatory and similar avian programs.

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