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Mealworms are a nutritious supplemental food readily accepted by bluebirds. They can be offered to entice bluebirds to use a nesting box, and they can be a valuable supplementary food when insects become scarce because of weather conditions.

From Maggie Broyles, our WBS bluebird expert:

Mealworms can be purchased at Armstrong Crickets, 1-800-345-8778. Minimum order is 2000 for 15.00 plus postage. I have ordered 2000 (4 cups of 500). Other quantities are available.

Another source is Sunshine Mealworms, 1-800-322-1100. They offer 50 count cups at $.75 each, 100 ct. cups for $1 and discounts for large quantities. Also, there is a 10% discount to Wimberley Birding Society members.

To raise mealworms,
1. Put bran to 2-3" in approx. 12x16 plastic container. I used a fish aquariam.
2.Cut irish potato in half length wise, place both halves, cut sides down in bran. Do not wet bran or potato. Worms die when wet.
3. Put worms into bran and cover container. Mesh wire is best.

Bran can be purchased at Brookshire Bros. in special diet section.

Call Maggie @ 847-5135 if you need more information.

Additional information sources:
A Google search on the Web will turn up a lot more information about bluebirds. Here are a few souces of information that seem particularly helpful:

North American Bluebird Society fact sheet about mealworms

Bird Cottage fact sheet on providing mealworms for bluebirds

Texas Bluebird Society offering a number of downloadable fact sheets.

The Birdhouse Network - a citizen-science project of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in which people place nest boxes, in their yard or neighborhood and then monitor and record data on the birds that nest inside.

BLUEBIRD-L E-mail listserv sponsored by Cornell Lab of Ornithology - for the truly dedicated bluebird fan

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