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S-Hill Country specialty       N-nests regularly
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 NPied-billed GrebePermanent resident of ponds, lakes.
 NGreat Blue HeronPermanent resident of ponds, lakes; unmistakable large heron.
 NGreen HeronSummer resident; makes "skeow" sound when surprised.
 NTurkey VultureRed, featherless head, holds wings in slight V in flight.
 NBlack VulturePermanent resident, short tail, white wing tips; black, featherless head.
 NRed-tailed HawkMost common hawk of open country.
 NRed-shouldered HawkSmaller hawk of wooded and riparian habitat.
 NBobwhiteOnly quail species in Hill Country.
 NRio Grande TurkeyWild turkey found primarily on undisturbed land with suitable roosts. Will eat corn at deer feeders.
 NAmerican CootPermanent resident of ponds, creeks. Gregarious, floats like cork.
 NKilldeerOnly permanent resident shorebird.
 NMourning DoveCommon resident with small head, pointed tail.
 NInca DoveSmall permanent resident; distinctive two-note call.
 NWhite-winged DoveLarge, heavy dove with "who cooks for you" call.
 NGreater RoadrunnerPermanent resident, cuckoo family; flies infrequently, runs along ground hunting insects, lizards, snakes.
 NEastern Screech OwlSmall owl with cat-like ears, whinnies like horse.
 NChuck-will's-widowSummer resident, often heard but seldom seen. Largest nightjar, usually roosts in trees.
 NChimney SwiftSummer resident, often nests in chimneys; "flying cigar."
 NRuby-throated HummingbirdSummer resident, rarely nests in our area.
 NBlack-chinned HummingbirdSummer resident, purple throat; our most common hummer.
 NBelted KingfisherLarge, with long, heavy bill. Common call is a long, uneven rattle; perches over rivers, ponds and streams.
SNGreen KingfisherRare, permanent resident on local streams and rivers. Small, with white collar; usually flies just above water's surface.
 NGolden-fronted WoodpeckerLargest permanent resident woodpecker.
 NLadder-backed WoodpeckerSmall, permanent resident of all woodlands.
 NScissor-tailed FlycatcherLong-tailed wire-sitter found in open areas.
SNAsh-throated FlycatcherSummer resident, arid hillsides.
 NEastern PhoebeCommon permanent resident; nests under eaves; prefers open areas and near water.
SNVermillion FlycatcherBrilliant summer resident; open bushes and trees near water.
 NBarn SwallowCommon summer resident, forked tail; builds mud nests under eaves.
 NCliff SwallowCommon summer resident; jug-shaped mud nests under bridges and on buildings. Resides in colonies.
 NPurple MartinFirst migrant of spring; nests in man-made apartments.
 NBlue JayPermanent resident of developed areas. Raucous calls.
 NScrub JayPermanent resident of cedar-oak habitat.
 NCarolina ChickadeeCommon permanent resident, pals with titmice.
SNBlack-crested TitmouseThis form of tufted titmouse found only in Hill Country. Common permanent resident.
 NBewick's WrenCommon permanent resident, pale grayish belly; likes dense, brushy habitat. Distinctive song.
 NCarolina WrenCommon permanent resident, reddish-brown plumage; stocky.
SNCanyon WrenPermanent resident; dark rufous belly,white breast and throat; found on or near cliffs or steep, rocky slopes.
 NNorthern MockingbirdCommon permanent resident, all habitats, fearless defender.
  American RobinCommon winter resident, often in large flocks; rare in summer.
 NEastern BluebirdPermanent resident of open land, often perches on wires and fences.
  Ruby-crowned KingletSmall winter resident; very active. Crown hard to spot.
  Cedar WaxwingCommon winter resident, often in flocks. Smooth, sleek with yellow tale tip.
 NLoggerhead ShrikePermanent resident, open lands; "butcher bird" impales prey on thorns and barbed wire spikes for later feeding. White throat, broad black mask.
 NEuropean StarlingIntroduced species, prefers human-modified habitats, often found in large flocks.
SNBlack-capped VireoRare, endangered summer resident, prefers oak-juniper and brush.
SNWhite-eyed VireoCommon summer resident, often heard, seldom seen. Dense brush in woods.
  Yellow-rumped WarblerMost common winter warbler; open woods, brushy areas.
SNGolden-cheeked WarblerRare summer resident, endangered. Mixed woods, mature junipers.
 NHouse SparrowIntroduced common permanent resident, prefers developed areas.
 NEastern MeadowlarkCommon permanent resident of grasslands; small flocks.
 NGreat-tailed GrackleCommon permanent resident, long tail. Male has yellow eye.
 NBrown-headed CowbirdCommon in summer; parasitic. Woods, edges, open fields.
 NNorthern CardinalCommon permanent resident, large, triangular bill; "redbird."
 NPainted BuntingSummer resident, male is multi-colored beauty; will come to feeders.
 NHouse FinchCommon permanent resident, feeder hog; "red-fronted sparrow."
 NAmerican GoldfinchCommon winter resident, comes to feeders.
 NLesser GoldfinchUncommon summer resident; "Texas canary."
 NSpotted TowheeUncommon winter resident; scratches among dead leaves.
 NLark SparrowPermanent resident of open land and open woods; bold head pattern.
SNRufous-crowned SparrowPermanent resident; brush and grass on rocky hillsides; often in pairs.
  Dark-eyed JuncoCommon winter resident, feeds on ground.
  Chipping SparrowCommon winter resident, rare in summer; likes feeders.

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