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Welcome to WBS Recent Sightings. Please share your sightings and comments either by typing in the field below, or by copying and pasting from another program. You may type sightings as a list (each bird on a separate line), and if you want to bold or italicize text, here's how.

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2017 Posts:

Name: Lt Col Ron Watson (USA, Ret)
Date of sighting: Same as date posted
Date posted: Sat Feb 11 22:31:16 2017

I photographed a "Lifer" for myself this morning. We had a small flock of Pine Warblers around the feeder.

Name: fran spinelli
Date of sighting: Same as date posted
Date posted: Wed Jan 25 13:43:12 2017

Apair of small--about the size of Carolina chickadees, but slender appeared yesterday. They don't stay long enough at our cylinder with sunflower seeds to get a very good look but the male is bright yellow underneath with a black back with a few white feather in this tail. I have not seen his face. The female is also very bright yellow underneath, but brownish back with black and white tail feathers. Not a very good description, but I have never seen them before and can't find a picture in my two books that look like this. Anyone know what they are?

Archives: '05   '06   '07   '08   '09   '10   '11   '12   '13   '14   '15   '16   '17

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