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Summertime fun with the
Wimberley Birding Society

  • Hey kids, we have WINNER IN THE POETRY CONTEST!

  • WIMBERLEY'S SWIFT NIGHT OUT in August or September
    part of a nationwide effort to observe and report local Chimney swift numbers and locations.
    Here are some drawings to help you to tell Chimney swifts apart from similar birds.


  • Visit Recent Sightings to see what birds people are seeing around Wimberley, and to post your sightings of special birds that you see.

  • Visit KidzLinks for websites about birds and nature just for kids.

  • See the scrapbook of photos from the Bowen School Tour of the Refuge.

  • Check out the new Sightings Blackboard at The Refuge Chimney swift tower kiosk. See what birds, insects and other animals are being seen, and list the what you see so that other people will know what to look for.

  • AND, don't forget to check here for more activities for kids during the summer and year-round!

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