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2017 Birding Trips:
August 5, 2017

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Swift Watch at Chatura Canyon

Limited to 20 people

Hey Birders! We have a special event coming up in August, our very own evening of watching the chimney swifts at Chaetura Canyon. Information is below. We had a sign-up sheet at our last meeting, but did not quite get 20 names. I'm sure there are some of you who missed that meeting, but would like to go. As usual, once we get to the magic 20 number, we will start the waiting list so that we can fill slots that become available. If you want to get your name on the list or if you have questions, please email Lin Weber at lw78676@gmail.com. This is too good to miss!

Wimberley Birding Society
Swift Watch at Chaetura Canyon
Saturday, August 5, 2017

Join Sanctuary Stewards Georgean and Paul Kyle for an evening of Chimney Swift watching and a tour specially organized for members of the Wimberley Birding Society at Travis AudubonŐs Chaetura Canyon Bird Sanctuary from 6:30 until 9:30 p.m. The Chaetura Canyon decks are now fully wheel chair accessible.

Light snacks, beer, wine, soft drinks and water will be provided courtesy of the Kyles. You are welcome to bring your favorite food and beverages to make it more of a meal. After a leisurely snack attack and orientation, the upper trails of the Sanctuary will be open for an optional guided tour.

Expect Mountain Laurels, Texas Persimmons, Cedar Elm, Texas Red Oaks, Plateau Live Oaks and a variety of shrubs, native grasses, flowers, bird life and several small water features. More than 160 species of birds have been recorded, and 36 species nest on or near the Sanctuary. There are frequent evening flyovers of Double-crested Cormorants, Great-tailed Grackles and often some surprises!

After the tour, we will gather on the outdoor deck overlooking the canyon and partake of our favorite adult beverages and/or soft drinks, as the swifts gather at dusk. Participants are able to watch a live video feed of nesting and roosting activity inside the Observation Towers that provides a rare look at the secret home life of Chimney Swifts on the Sanctuary.

A $10 donation per person to Travis Audubon would be appreciated. All donations and proceeds from the sale of merchandise are used for the maintenance of this Sanctuary.

Chaetura Canyon is located near Mansfield Dam off of highway 620. Travel time from Wimberley is approximately one hour. A map and directions will be provided to confirmed participants.

Questions? Contact Lin Weber at lw78676@gmail.com

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